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Pik a Book is a kids paradise to find a perfect read for all their moods. We are your online space to find the right set of books for your child. Whether you are seeking a set of informational books, coloring books, fairy tale books, or young adult novels we have it all for your child. Choose your desired set of books from our online store or from our library in Amravati. With us, you will find the widest collection of kids' books from the age of 0 to 16 years all at a single place. So, switch to Pik a Book and save your time spent searching multiple sources to find the right book for your child.

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Pik a Book is an initiative by Surabhi to help parents find the right book for their children. She was searching for children’s books for her daughter when she realised that there is no such platform dedicated to children’s books. This is how the idea of starting a children’s book platform was conceived. In 2018, Surabhi started from ground zero to form Pik a Book. With her sheer efforts, Pik a book became popular among children and parents alike. It is one of its kind platform that offers all types of kids' books from the age of 0 to 16 years. In the past four years, Pik a book has served over 4000 customers and the overwhelming response has just continued.